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Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Review & Rating

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • Dry and wet traction
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Treadlife
  • No real issues to pick with this tire
Bottom Line: 4.5 / 5

Recently, we had the opportunity to review the all-new Cooper CS5 Ultra and it was only natural that we wanted to follow it up with a review of its sister tire, the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring. Both of these new CS5 models are designed as a replacement for the highly successful and soon-to-be retired CS4 Touring.

The same technology that is used in the CS5 Ultra is also used in the CS5 Grand Touring. The main difference between the two is that the Grand Touring sports a T-speed rating on all of its various sizes, while the Ultra Touring is available in H, V and W speed ratings. The other difference is in the tread compound/pattern. The Ultra Touring provides a bit more sporty and responsive handling at higher speeds than the Grand Touring.

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Tire Review

The Grand Touring is aimed mainly at drivers of family sedans, minivans and even smaller crossovers who want a good quality tire for everyday driving comfort and solid year-round traction and handling. They are not overly concerned with glue-like cornering grip for their minivan or a tire rated to go down the road at 130+mph. That being the case, we were anxious to see how well this new model performs.

Dry / Wet Traction

From what we found with dry traction on the Ultra Touring, is the same excellent performance that you’ll find on the Grand Touring tire. It delivers the type of dry traction and braking that you want when driving around town or cruising down the highway.

Wet grip and stability is exceptional for the Grand Touring, and we don’t say that in a light hearted way. Cooper incorporates their unique StabilEdge technology in the tread, along with an increased silica content, which is four times the amount found on the CS4, as well as added sipes that work together to make driving and braking on wet roads much safer than you’ll find on most any other all-season tire available today.

StabilEdge helps by adding tiny rubber bumpers that prevent the grooves from closing up under harder cornering. That’s important because without them the tire is unable to keep the grooves separated and evacuate more water when cornering. It’s a unique technology that Cooper will use on other new models they come out with in the future. It’s also designed to keep up and compete with Michelin’s EverGrip technology used in their Premier A/S. Needless to say, this new Cooper technology works and works very well.

Cooper CS5 Grand TouringWinter Handling

Finding an all-season tire that performs well on snow, slush and ice can oftentimes be like trying to find a needle in the haystack. Cooper has tackled winter traction and handling head-on with their full-depth 3-D micro-gauge siping around the tread.

This full-depth siping gives the Grand Touring the same type of excellent grip in the snow when worn as it does when new. This is the type of new technology that is most welcome for the average driver and makes overall traveling in winter weather much safer. No, it’s not like driving on a winter tire or one that is rated for severe winter service, but it does a good job in most all winter conditions.

Cornering / Steering

The same StabilEdge technology that helps the tire deliver excellent traction also provides for added steering response and cornering stability. In fact we believe it gives you much more control and overall feel than many other tires in this class. It just makes you feel more confident behind the wheel, which translates into a more enjoyable driving experience.

Ride Comfort / Road Noise

Needless to say, Cooper didn’t forget about ride comfort when they created the CS5 Grand Touring. With its optimized tread design this tire makes for a smooth and comfortable ride that is among the best in this category.

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Tread DesignTread Life

With an 80K mile treadwear warranty, it’s obvious that Cooper has attempted to build a tire that will last for a good long time, and initial results show that being the case.

What is a nice added feature here is the Wear Square technology built into the tread. As on the Ultra Touring, the tire sports unique squares on the tread that shows you at a moments notice just how well the tire is wearing.

As the square begins to wear down it changes various shapes until it finally becomes an “!” mark, letting you know that it’s time replace the tires. Again, Cooper has added useful technology such as this that drivers can use in knowing if there vehicle is misaligned and the tires are wearing unevenly, when they are wearing out, etc.

If this is the future of new tire technology then it looks bright indeed. With everything Cooper has put into the CS5 it is easily a top 10 touring all-season tire that comes highly recommended.

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