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Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Review & Rating

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • Wet traction is excellent
  • Ride is quiet and comfortable
  • Tread life
  • Add just a bit more winter traction
Bottom Line: 4.5 / 5

The new Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring, and its sister the CS5 Grand Touring, are designed as replacement models to the popular CS4 Touring that has been around for a number of years now. That said, the CS5 Ultra sports the latest in tire technology to give it solid performance in all-season conditions.

Available in a wide variety of various sizes, the Cooper CS5 has been created for drivers of coupes, sedans, minivans and even light SUV’s and crossovers. With all the new technology and features, we couldn’t wait to find out how well it performed on the street.

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Review


Cooper uses its new StabilEdge technology to increase dry traction and overall stability on the CS5. This new technology adds rubber bumpers between the larger tire grooves which keep the tread open for enhanced traction and brake performance on dry road surfaces.

While dry traction is excellent, what happens when the roads become wet? This is where the CS5 Ultra shows its strength. Cooper as added 4 times the silica content in the tread compound as you will find in other competitor tires to reduce braking distances and increase handling, and it shows. Where other tires give out without warning, the CS5 holds its grip well past the limits of normal driving. It’s delivers a confident feeling that you don’t often find in a tire.

Cornering / Steering

Another benefit to the StabilEdge technology is the enhanced steering response. It delivers a more on-center driving experience that can be felt behind the wheel. The asymmetric tread pattern is designed to deliver increased cornering grip for easier driving when changing lanes at highway speeds or taking on and off-ramps. Whether around town or on the highway, the CS5 has the kind of cornering grip generally found in performance tires.     element while driving. This overall enhances the steering precision while also providing a better feel for the road. The stabiledge feature also assists in keeping the grooves open at the “tire-to-road” contact area which provides great traction.

Winter Handling

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring TiresA downfall for most all-season tires is there less than stellar winter handling performance. Cooper wanted to create the CS5 to better handle the snow and ice than most other tires, and for the most part they have. The added silica in the tread compound and full-depth 3-D micro gauge siping around the tread give this tire much improved traction in snow, slush and ice. While not on the level of a snow tire, the grip it provides is very good, even as the tire wears down.

Ride Comfort / Road Noise

Riding on this tire provides an excellent driving experience on all but the roughest of road surfaces. It would really have to be very rough concrete or asphalt for there to be any major problems with this tire.

As with the ride comfort, the CS5 delivers a smooth and noiseless drive. Some tire manufactures give no regard to the noise level that their tires produce but the same cannot be said with Cooper tires, and especially not the CS5 Ultra Touring tire. Simply stated, noise is nearly non-existent.

Tread Life / Warranty

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Tread Design

Initial results have shown that treadwear on the CS5 is excellent. Cooper stands behind this tire with either a 50K or 60K mile warranty depending on the tire’s speed rating.

Cooper has also added their unique Wear Square technology to this tire that makes it easy to see how much tread remains at any time. When you see a full square on the inner and outer edge of the tread, it means the tire is in new condition. As you drive on it the Wear Square begins changing its shape to a “U”, which means there is now 75% tread left. An “L” shape means 50% useable tread remains, while an “I” means there is now 25% left. When you see an “!” it tells you the tire is in need of replacing.

This Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring, and its sister the CS5 Grand Touring, is among the top touring all-season tires available today. It ranks right up there with the Pirelli P7 Cinturato All Season Plus, Continental PureContact as best in class.

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