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Cooper Discoverer ATP Tire Review & Rating

Cooper Discoverer ATP Tire Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • Excellent all-terrain traction
  • Comfortable ride
  • Treadlife
  • Small amount of road noise
Bottom Line: 4 / 5

Mainly aimed at sport utility vehicles and light duty trucks, the Cooper Discoverer ATP is designed for all weather use and are marketed as being suitable for a multitude of terrains. They claim to have a long tread life and the tough five-rib design with large lugs are supposed to provide superior grip especially on off road conditions.

We are going to look at each aspect of the tire in detail to determine if it actually fulfills the high criteria it sets for itself.


While most tires perform well on dry, even ground, it is when they are taken onto less predictable surfaces that they tend to falter. The tough five-rib design that we mentioned above is supposed to offer good off road grip as is the scalloped shoulders, particularly in mud, sand, gravel and snowy conditions.

Cooper Discoverer ATP

We found that the tires do actually live up to their claims. They provide excellent traction and grip in just about all conditions. Even when we tested them in snow they performed well; a few skids here and there but nothing major.

Cornering – Steering

Overall we found the cornering for the Cooper Discoverer ATP tires better than expected. While we thought they would be good, even with aggressive driving, we didn’t realize how good they would handle.

Cooper Discoverer ATPThey provide fantastic control even when we took a few sharp turns and they are certainly one of the better tires on the market for this. No doubt the linked tread blocks that are present on the tires helped significantly.

Winter Handling

These were tested in 4-6” of snow and they performed way above our expectations. While it is always recommended to at least have a set of winter specific tires if you live in winter climates that see a considerable amount of snow each year, we felt safe and comfortable driving on these tires.

There were a few skids here and there but nothing that caused us any alarm or panic. For normal driving in quite poor conditions (we never tried them on ice) they fared better than most tires on the market.

Ride Comfort – Road Noise

There is a slight hum when driving with the Cooper Discoverer ATP tires on however it is hardly noticeable unless you are pedantic about that kind of thing.

Even on the highway they were pretty quiet compared to most tires we test out. They are also very comfortable for an all-terrain tire. We got our speed up to 75+ mph and there was no real vibrations to speak of. The ride was smooth and while a few people have commented about a high level of vibration, we just couldn’t feel it.

Tread Life

Cooper Discoverer ATPThe silica-based compound is designed to create a long lasting tread life for the Cooper Discoverer ATP tires and what we have found so far is that this is largely true.

You can find information about the warranty below, however the average mileage before having to replace the Discoverer ATP’s seems to be in line with the 560 UTQG rating. While we have had reports of replacements at 40k and even 30k in some cases, these seem to be the exception rather than the rule for these tires.

We imagine that even with constant aggressive driving and using the tires in poor conditions and below par road surfaces they should last around about the stated tread life.


The Cooper Discoverer ATP tires have a warranty of 55,000 miles. Like we said above, this is about right for the tires and some people find that they are replacing them a bit earlier but it doesn’t seem to be a common trait. Indeed, some people have claimed to have around 30% tread left with over 60k on the dial. Not bad for the price you pay, making them a good value in our opinion.

Cooper Discoverer ATP

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