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Cooper Discoverer HTP Review & Rating

Cooper Discoverer HTP Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • Dry, wet and winter traction
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Low road noise
  • High speed cornering performance
Bottom Line: 4 / 5

Engineered for use with sport utility vehicles and light duty trucks, the Cooper Discoverer HTP seeks to establish a comfortable ride with dependable all-season touring traction and performance. The tread design works well in all weather conditions, including rain and snow, making it a favored tire among drivers looking for a competitive all-season touring tire.Cooper Discoverer HTP


Traction on this model is very good. The serpentine sipe design with its biting edges and wider circumferential groves, create increased grip on all road surfaces, especially on wet highways. The HTP however, is not designed to be an all-terrain tire. Although it performs well off-road, it is limited in its ability to cross unpaved, rugged terrain. The HTP is best used as a touring tire for driving long distances and in adverse weather conditions.

Cooper Discoverer HTPCornering – Steering

The Cooper HTP delivers a very smooth ride, making it an excellent highway performance tire. It offers responsive and stable steering, even on snowy roads, and is quieter than many light duty truck tires. Cornering at high speeds is an area where this model could see improvement in. The softer sidewall inhibits high performance cornering, although that is not an area of concern for most drivers.

What it lacks in high speed performance, it makes up for in a highly responsive tire that provides a smooth and comfortable ride. The HTP fits a wide variety of light trucks and SUV’s, including the Chevrolet Silverado, Suburban, Trailblazer, Jeep Wrangler, Ford F Series and Mercedes Benz G500.

Winter Handling

For an all season tire, the HTP is very good for driving in snowy conditions. The asymmetrical tread pattern resembles chain linkage, allowing excellent traction even in ice and slush. Add in the silica-enhanced tread compound and biting edges around the tread and you have a tire that performs surprisingly well in all types of winter weather conditions.

Ride Comfort – Road Noise

A frequent complaint concerning Cooper truck tires is the amount of noise they produce, but that simply is not the case with the Discoverer HTP. The computerized tread design and pitch tread sequence that cancels road noise, helps to deliver a smoother and more quiet ride than many other models on the market today. It makes for a more pleasurable ride whether around town or out on the highway.

The easy handling of the HTP and quick responsiveness make driving time relaxed and comfortable. Although its soft sides make cornering slightly difficult for more spirited drivers, they cushion the impact of driving in hard rain, snow or ice.

Tread Life

Cooper Discoverer HTP

Tread life on the HTP is comparable to what you’ll find on similar truck/SUV highway tires from Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear and other major tire makers. This model features a 600 UTQG rating, which means a longer lasting treadlife can be expected.


The Discoverer HTP carries a 65,000 mile tread life warranty, which is one of the longer warranties for truck/SUV highway tires. There is also a 2/32 inch tire uniformity guarantee, and materials and craftsmanship are covered for the first five years, during which there is a free tire replacement for the first 2/32 inch of wear. During the remaining time period, Cooper pro-rates out the amount to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth.

Cooper Discoverer HTP

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Cooper Discoverer HTP

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