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Cooper Discoverer Radial STT TEK3 Tire Review & Rating

Cooper Discoverer Radial STT TEK3 Tire Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • Solid all-around performance off-road
  • Tough puncture resistant tread design
  • Well-mannered on road driving
  • Price
Bottom Line: 4.5 / 5

Off-road drivers want tires that can take any kind of road conditions. If they can’t take a beating on an unpaved trail, they’ve defeated the purpose of buying that four-wheel drive with cranked up suspension and enough horsepower to challenge the Himalayas. The Cooper Discoverer Radial STT TEK3 has been built to take that kind of beating. The three ply side-walls offer greater protection against punctures and friction, while the deep buttress add the bite you need for rock climbing.

Despite their tough, big boss looks, the TEK3 also provides well-mannered highway on-road driving performance. Designed primarily for light trucks, SUV’s and cross-overs, they perform as well on the highway as they do in rough road conditions, making them ideal for work as well as recreational use.

Cooper Discoverer Radial STT TEK3


The Discoverer STT has no problem with any kind of trail conditions. They are very strong on grass, rock, mud and snow. Wet trails don’t bother them, nor do the occasional stream crossings. They actually seem to enjoy mudslinging, packing it in, then throwing it off again as fast as it takes to drive from a bog to a dry road. They perform as well on wet pavements as they do on dry, with no tire slippage and great climbing abilities. Cooper has done an admirable job in this area.

Cornering – Steering

It’s amazing how well these tires can corner, even on a snaking open highway. They are as responsive to commands for turning onto narrow streets as they are to digging through mud flats. Not exactly engineered for high speed, their gripping power allows the driver to maintain confidence in extreme weather conditions, able to maintain a good pace without drifting while other vehicles are creeping cautiously along.

Cooper Discoverer Radial STT TEK3

Winter Handling

You won’t need a studded winter tire when your vehicle is decked out with Cooper STT radials.. They are able to plow through ten inches of snow without bogging down and climb snow covered hills without slipping. They do well on ice, slush and in torrential rains. Their aggressive tread tends to shed any type of mud, rock or snow accumulation, giving the tires better than average clearance for any type of winter road condition.

Ride Comfort – Road Noise

For a tire designed for off road driving, the Cooper STT is surprisingly quiet compared to other tires in this class. It doesn’t make the typical clunking sound of the average rock climber, but zips along with only a slight humming sound. This adds a great deal of comfort for both the driver and the passenger who may not wish to sound like they’re in an army tank when navigating city streets or cruising on the open highway.

Tread Life

Cooper Discoverer Radial STT TEK3The Cooper Discoverer Radial STT TEK3 is a very rugged tire, capable of withstanding a great deal of punishment without puncturing, splitting or internal damage. Of course, continuous driving in harsh road conditions, under-inflation or over-loading can damage the tire and shorten its tread life.


There is a limited tread guarantee through Cooper on the TEK3. Tire uniformity is warranted for the first 2/32” of wear, while workmanship and materials are covered for up to 5 years.

Cooper Discoverer Radial STT TEK3

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Cooper Discoverer Radial STT TEK3

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