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Falken Rocky Mountain ATS Review & Rating

Falken Rocky Mountain ATS Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • Dry and wet traction
  • Off-road performance
  • On-road ride comfort
  • Treadlife
Bottom Line: 4 / 5

Off-road drivers want a tire that means serious business. It’s not just about mud, rain and icy roads. It’s about growling through barely carved out mountain passes, desert rock climbing and hitting gravel so loose the washboard feels like an accordion full of marbles. That is exactly what Falken has accomplished with their Rocky Mountain ATS tire.

Falken Rocky Mountain ATS


When you’re driving off-road, speed performance isn’t your number one consideration. The thick, multi-angled grooves of the Rocky Mountain ATS don’t just make your ride look like a brute, it is a brute. The tires will not only walk up those rocky planes, but grip the dust on the way down without sliding, allowing full control over your vehicle. Water doesn’t bother them much either. They’ll forge creeks without problems and handle those mud slide mountain ridges. Barreling down a dirt track, they stay on course even after hitting a few unexpected pot holes and burrowing through a soft spot of mud and sand.

Cornering – Steering

You’ll notice that these tires take sharp corners very well, whether you are driving through loose dirt or are zipping down an open highway. Highly responsive, you feel more in control of your steering, making gear changes easy. Although they are engineered for rugged off road driving, they are compatible with urban settings, able to weave in and out of traffic easily, with good braking distance whether the roads are wet or dry.

Falken Rocky Mountain ATS

Winter Handling

These tires don’t slip. You can take them up a water soaked, dirt path hill or plow through a winter snow storm. They are just as much at home on an ice-covered ridge as they are in a dry desert gully. They are built to handle any kind of weather condition, from snow, ice, and blustery winds to tropical downpours.

Ride Comfort – Road Noise

All terrain tires are generally noisier than highway touring tires, and give a bit more rougher ride on the open road. The Falken Rocky Mountain ATS is surprisingly quiet for being such a bad boy. It’s not quite as smooth as a touring tire, but these tires are some of the more quiet running tires as you’ll find in this class. For this reason, they make an excellent long-distance driving choice as you are not only prepared for any type of climate conditions, but you can cruise along at highway speeds without sacrificing comfort.

Tread Life

Falken Rocky Mountain ATSThe tread compound used for the Falken Rocky Mountain ATS is very durable, with a five rib design, stiffer than normal block pattern and extra wide steel belts. Despite the beating these tires take by their off-road drivers, they are still guaranteed for 50,000 miles. That said, we’ve heard some drivers complain about a shorter tread life, but from our experience, if you rotate them and take care of them you should not have a problem in getting the miles out of them.


There is a 50,000 mile tread life warranty for this rugged, all terrain tire. Falken also has a first 2/32 inch of wear on the tire’s uniformity. Materials and workmanship are covered for five years. These tires give their best performance on off-roads, in rugged terrain and adverse climate conditions, but give a comfortable enough ride to be used on the open highway.

Falken Rocky Mountain ATS

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Falken Rocky Mountain ATS

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