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Falken Sincera SN-828 Tire Review & Rating

Falken Sincera SN-828 Tire Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • Good dry traction
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Value priced
  • Treadlife
Bottom Line: 3 / 5

Low cost and quality don’t often go hand in hand, especially when it comes to new tires. Generally speaking the lower down the cost table you go the more you are sacrificing on genuine quality although there are some exceptions.

The Falken Sincera SN-828 tires are on the budget end of the scale but yet they claim to offer all season touring performance for an economical price and are designed for passenger cars (sedans, coupes and the like). We decided to get a more accurate feel as to how they perform in several different categories to see if they actually offer good value or if it is better to pay a little bit extra for a higher quality tire.

Falken Sincera SN 828


The tires come with silica enhanced traction for better performance and overall grip. This is mainly designed for wet surfaces however they are supposed to enhance dry driving too. So, how did they do?

We were actually quite surprised by the traction, especially on dry pavement. When you drive on a budget tire you expect the worst, however they performed well on dry surfaces and perhaps better than we expected. Hardly the best in the business but for the price they aren’t the worst.

Falken Sincera SN 828Cornering – Steering

Cornering was also good. We tested some aggressive driving techniques and they performed as you would imagine an economy tire to do. The outer shoulder blocks that are present on the Falken Sincera SN-828 tires help with this cornering and steering performance. Again, those who want a luxury and high end tire aren’t going to get their kick from these, but if you are on a budget then they certainly do the job and then some.

Winter Handling

One of the areas where you start to notice the budget makeup of the Falken Sincera SN-828 tires is in winter performance. They don’t handle so well in deep snow or on ice. While we would always recommend having a set of winter tires for heavy snow and icy conditions, with most tires you purchases these days you expect a reasonable level of performance on light snow. This tire falls down somewhat here. They aren’t the best at handling snow and if you have anything more than a couple of inches then consider changing to winter tires with a better grip.

Ride Comfort – Road Noise

These come with what is known as Falken’s Computer-Optimized Five-Phase Pitch Variation. Essentially it is fancy talk for reducing road noise and it is definitely an area where the Sincera SN-828’s come out top. There is barely any significant noise from these tires and in normal road conditions the drive is smooth and quiet.

Tread Life

Falken Sincera SN 828Probably the biggest let down for budget tires in general is their tread life. The tread life on the Falken Sincera SN-828 tires is poor and so say many other drivers who run them. While you don’t expect 90,000 miles on these tires, you also don’t expect to have major issues at 20,000 miles either.

Because of their price (ranging from around $60 – 90 a tire) it is difficult to be too harsh on them because they are a budget tire. If you get around 20k out of them before they need to be replaced then that is good, however it would be nice to get just a bit extra to save on paying for a more expensive model.


The warranty on the Falken Sincera SN-828 tires is 65,000 miles, however if you get anywhere near that amount then you have got an exceptional treadlife out of them.

They might not set the world alight with high performance and a long life span but the SN-828’s provide a reasonable level of quality relative to their cost. If you are on a tight budget then you can do a lot worse than these.

Falken Sincera SN 828

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