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Geo-Trac TI-500 Radial XLT Review & Rating

Geo-Trac TI-500 Radial XLT Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • Dry and wet traction
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Low road noise
  • Tread Life
Bottom Line: 3.5 / 5

Budget all-season tires are becoming more and more popular these days mainly because they give vehicle owners the chance to save money without severely compromising on their requirements. The Geo-Trac TI-500 Radial XLT is one such type of tire available on the market right now and it’s a tire that you may not have heard much about.

Available in multiple load and speed ratings with P-Metric and LT sizes, the TI-500 has the features to attract the attention of any truck, crossover or SUV owner. That said, we went about analyzing this tire to figure out what it is capable of and what its flaws are.


Driving on dry road surfaces in a vehicle with the Geo-Trac TI-500 tires is a good experience as it provides adequate traction throughout its life. We also tested these tires in wet weather conditions where they showed decent performance. Hydroplaning wasn’t a real issue unless you push them to hard. The all-season tread compound and non-directional tread pattern combine with large shoulder blocks and deep grooves to increase traction and grip in rougher weather.

Geo-Trac TI-500 Radial XLT

Cornering – Steering

We were a little skeptical of this tires’ ability in sharp curves but found them more than a match for our driver’s skills as well. While we test multiple budget all-season tires, we found the TI-500 to be significantly better than its competitors even at medium to high speeds and over sharper curves. This was true across the whole speed range that these tires are available in. Don’t get us wrong, this tire is not on the line of other higher-end models from Michelin, Bridgestone and some others, but it holds its own quite nicely.

Winter Handling

Geo-Trac TI-500 Radial XLTWinter handling can be quite deceptive with all-season tires because expectations tend to be very high. We understand that all-season tires cannot be expected to provide great handling in heavy winter conditions. Effectively, while these tires were less than perfect in deep snow, we were not that astonished.

The TI-500 is, however, more than capable of handling light snow conditions, which is not something that can be said for many budget all-season tires. There was no slippage and we enjoyed considerable control on roads with light snow covering the roadway. We attribute much of this to the tire’s multiple sipe design and four circumferential grooves.

Ride Comfort – Road Noise

As we drove, we also kept track of how comfortable the ride was. These tires provided us with an enjoyable and calm ride while, simultaneously, keeping road noise or humming low. There was barely any humming even at high speeds, which is due in part to their tread block design. These qualities were especially noteworthy because of the lower price of these tires.

Tread Life

Geo-Trac TI-500 Radial XLTTread life was where we hit a hitch with these tires. Compared to the other tires we tested, the tread life of these tires is a little lacking. This is the only bone of contention that we have with the Geo-Trac TI-500 Radial XLT tires but if you consider the prices at which they can be acquired, this is a small problem in the overall scheme of things. Even so, these tires come with a UTQG rating of 500 which means that they should be able to perform satisfactorily up to around 40,000 miles or so.


These tires come with a warranty for up to 40, 000 miles which ties in well with their UTQG rating of 500.

The Geo-Trac TI-500 Radial XLT tires are available in sizes ranging from 15 inches to 17 inches with speed ratings going up to S. There are also a number of load ranges to choose from, if that is part of your selection criteria. In effect, these tires can be used on various types of pickup trucks, SUVs, and even crossover vehicles. For a cheap tire built for SUV’s, trucks or crossovers, this model ranks well.

Geo-Trac TI-500 Radial XLT

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Geo-Trac TI-500 Radial XLT

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