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Goodyear Integrity Review & Rating

Goodyear Integrity Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • Wet and dry traction
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Tread life
  • Winter handling
Bottom Line: 3.5 / 5

The Goodyear Integrity is an extremely versatile tire from one of the most trusted names in the tire industry. The tread design and construction on this set of tires is said to give it excellent traction on both dry and wet surfaces, as well as added ride comfort. We wanted to try the Integrity out for ourselves and see if they live up to the Goodyear name.


Traction on both wet and dry roads not only met our expectations, but also exceeded them. A highly blended all-weather tread compound used in the design and construction give this set of tires excellent traction. We were very happy with the way they handled wet conditions and avoided hydroplaning at higher speeds. The traction was just as good as in the dry conditions.

Goodyear Integrity

Cornering – Steering

Cornering with the Goodyear Integrity was a breeze and extremely smooth. The solid center rib design adds to more responsive steering and gives the tire more stability. The result is a more confident feeling behind the wheel when taking corners and turns, whether around town or on the highway.

Winter Handling

Goodyear IntegrityThe Goodyear Integrity is not designed for hard winter climates, and lacks performance in winter handling. While it has excellent wet traction, traction on ice and in snow is a different matter. Although it does not have the best track record with winter conditions, this set of tires is not useless. You’ll find adequate enough grip in light snow to get you around town, but just don’t expect winter tire like performance when the snow gets deep or freezing rain coats the road surface.

Ride Comfort – Road Noise

We expected to find a comfortable ride on the Integrity and the tire didn’t disappoint in this area. The ride is smooth and handles most all road imperfections without jarring you out of your seat. Noise is reduced through Goodyear’s acoustically tuned tread pattern, which we found to work pretty well.

Tread Life

Goodyear IntegrityTreadlife on the Goodyear Integrity is not bad at all, due in part to its 460 UTQG rating. The tread design and compound used in the makeup of this model gives it added treadwear and increases treadlife, which is something a lot of drivers have commented on as well.


A 50,000 mile tread warranty comes with the Integrity, which is about right for this tire.

All in all, the Integrity is a nice all-season tire that most drivers will find more than adequate for their daily commuting needs. It delivers a quiet, comfortable ride and is built for longer treadwear. It’s also priced lower than you might expect for added value.

Goodyear Integrity

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