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GT Radial Champiro VP1 Review & Rating

GT Radial Champiro VP1 Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • Traction on dry and wet surfaces
  • Cornering grip
  • Ride comfort
  • Winter driving
Bottom Line: 4 / 5

When it comes to tires, high-performance, all-season drivability and a budget price often do not go together, however the GT Radial Champiro VP1 is built to do just that. Aimed at drivers of sport coupes, sedans, and smaller SUV’s, the VP1 is designed with a wealth of tire technology and a unique tread compound that delivers added traction and handling. With that in mind, we put them to the test to see how they performed in a variety of categories.


For wet and dry traction on normal road surfaces the all-season advanced rubber tread compound does offer good grip. There is an evident difference between the VP1’s and other tires. We thought normal driving was great and, while not specifically traction related, the lower rolling resistance helps with fuel efficiency.

Wet traction is very good on this model due in part to the four wide circumferential grooves and integral lateral grooves that work to evacuate water away from the tread. Even at higher speeds we never experienced hydroplaning or felt our vehicle losing traction on wet roads.

Overall we felt that the traction was predictable and it made driving on normal surfaces more than adequate.

GT Radial Champiro VP1

Cornering – Steering

One issue we did have was the softer sidewalls on this tire. For more spirited drivers that like aggressive cornering, you may notice a slight decrease in performance. Even though it isn’t likely to affect normal driving and not testing them under specific criteria, we thought it was worth mentioning.

GT Radial Champiro VP1

Steering is good and they are among some of the most responsive tires we have tested lately, particularly on dry roads, however, they perform well in wet conditions too.

Winter Handling

We weren’t actually expecting much from the GT Radial VP1 tires when it came to winter driving. We know they are meant for all season performance – but there are very few tires these days that don’t make this claim – however it is rarely the case that this is true.

When tested in light snow the tires did fairly well. They aren’t winter specific so don’t expect to be driving for miles on solid ice without any problems, however for a few inches of snow and on a decent road surface they will perform adequately.

GT Radial Champiro VP1

Ride Comfort – Road Noise

A major benefit of the GT Radial Champiro VP1 tires is their comfort level. We found that they were really comfortable to drive, even though they are a high performance tire. On fairly long journeys they offer a pretty smooth ride. GT Radial has their own unique road noise cancelling technology that is present on the VP1’s and we must admit that we barely heard any road noise of any note when driving with them on which certainly helps over long distances.

Tread Life

GT Radial Champiro VP1Budget tires generally don’t do too well with tread life and it is often a case of you get what you pay for. Inside the tire is a steel belted construction to help improve durability and the all-season advanced rubber tread compound we mentioned earlier should extend its life. All in all the tread life on these tires was good and you should be able to get a lot of driving out them under normal conditions.


The VP1 comes with a 40,000 mile warranty which is actually really good considering their price range.

For a solid budget tire it is difficult to go wrong with the GT Radial Champiro VP1. They have great wet and dry traction and for commuting or reasonable normal use then they are some of the best tires about at the minute for what they cost. Road noise is almost non-existent thanks to GT’s unique noise cancelling technology, they are comfortable and the value you get for the money is excellent. Hard to ask for much more in a low cost performance tire.

GT Radial Champiro VP1

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