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Kumho Ecowing KH30 Tire Review & Rating

Kumho Ecowing KH30 Tire Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • Dry and wet traction
  • Ride comfort
  • Treadlife
Bottom Line: 4 / 5

Kumho Ecowing KH30 tires are promoted as being in tune with the environment. Being environmentally friendly is important to a lot of people these days and many companies and corporations are starting to make their products with the environment in mind. In fact, consumers are often more likely to purchase eco-friendly products if they are made with recyclable materials.

This particular Kumho model is designed for coupes, minivans, sedans and small SUV’s, and uses the latest in green technology in an effort to lower CO2 emissions, as well as improve fuel efficiency. How well do they perform though?


Compared to previous models from Kumho, the tread sidewalls have been stiffened which results in better dry traction and handling stability. We found that the KH30’s worked very well in this regard. They handle great on dry surfaces and pretty good on wet roads too without really taking us by surprise.

Kumho Ecowing KH30

There also seems to be less friction on most surfaces and we felt that the overall grip of the tires was very good indeed.

Cornering – Steering

Like the traction, cornering is solid on the Ecowing KH30 tires.

We didn’t expect them to be out of this world however they pleasantly surprised us with the way in which they handle corners with even the most aggressive of driving habits. One thing we would say is that the steering can be pretty quick with these tires on. It isn’t particularly a downside rather just something to be aware of.

Winter Handling

Kumho Ecowing KH30The tires come with four circumferential grooves as well as full-depth sipes. What does this mean? Well essentially any water that is underneath the tire is disposed of quickly which helps with grip in wet and winter conditions.

The tires perform well in light snow and this is further enhanced by the sipe’s biting edges. They might not perform as well in really bad conditions, however for light snow and a little ice you shouldn’t have too many problems here.

Ride Comfort – Road Noise

The comfort rating for these tires is very high. We felt that the ride was smooth and even while driving with these on. The road noise is minimal to say the least and is certainly better than other tires that are in the same price range as the KH30’s.

Tread Life

Usually when you decide to go ‘eco’ or to start using environmentally friendly products there is a downside somewhere. Helping to save the planet, yes, but you generally sacrifice quality somewhere else down the line. We figured this would be with the tread life on the KH30’s. Suffice to say, we were wrong.

They actually offer really good tread life for their price. Inside the tires are two steel belts that are spirally wrapped in nylon to add further strength and stability to the tire itself. You can expect a lot of mileage out of these tires and even after around 15-20,000 miles, there are only minimal signs of wear.


Kumho includes a 60,000 mile warranty on the KH30 and this sounds about right for what you would expect to get out of them. While warranty is generally a bit higher than usual tread life, we expect that you will see around 50,000 miles or so before needing to be replaced and maybe even more depending on your driving habits.

Perhaps a downside that hasn’t been mentioned is that it can be quite difficult to locate these tires at times. We did find them available at Discount Tire Direct, and at their stores as well. Aside from that, this tire is a solid all-round model. Good in most conditions, long lasting and also have the added bonus of fuel efficiency and being environmentally friendly.

Kumho Ecowing KH30

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