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Michelin Latitude Tour HP Review & Rating

Michelin Latitude Tour HP Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • Superior dry traction
  • Excellent steering response and stability
  • Comfortable ride
  • Noise as tire ages
Bottom Line: 4.5 / 5

As a premium high performance tire, the Michelin Latitude Tour HP is aimed for drivers of luxury pickups, SUV’s and crossovers, where you would expect a good quality tire for your money. But, do they live up to their reputation or are they another overpriced and average quality tire?


The Secure Lock Tread Blocks that Michelin market as having on the Tour HP’s claim to offer more rounded traction and grip performance. They stay open under normal driving conditions but lock during difficult surfaces and under heavy stress. This sounds like a marketing ploy, however we felt a lot safer with these tires on than we have with many others. You’ll find excellent traction in dry conditions with the protection of the extra grip for aggressive driving. Indeed, you can say that the Latitude HP’s hold their own against the competition.Michelin Latitude Tour HP

Cornering – Steering

The Secure Lock Tread Blocks also help with hard cornering and provide an extra layer of control. When we tested them with some braking maneuvers they performed very well, and to be honest this was expected of such a luxury tire. In fact, the tough aramid/nylon filaments that are found under the tread contributed to this crisp and effective steering and control. As an added bonus, the reduction in rolling resistance also helps greatly with fuel efficiency.

Overall the steering feel on these tires was very predictable and provided a feeling of control and grip at any speed.

Winter Handling

Michelin Latitude Tour HPConsidering that these tires are designed to be high performance highway tires, you wouldn’t expect a large element of winter handling and control. But, to a degree they are good. While it is recommended to use actual winter tires in particularly poor conditions, for light snow or some slippery roads the HP’s fare pretty well. You could probably use these tires up to moderate winter conditions but opt for a proper winter specific one in deteriorating weather.

Ride Comfort – Road Noise

We found the Michelin Latitude Tour HP to be extremely comfortable and have no real complaints in this regard. They provide a smooth riding experience, which again, is something that is entirely expected given the price and the vehicles they are designed to be used on. Road noise wise, we barely noticed anything. That said, we have heard from drivers who experienced a bit of extra noise as the treadlife pushes its limits.

Tread Life

Michelin Latitude Tour HPProbably the biggest question most people ask themselves when in the market for new tires is… how long will they last me? The Michelin Latitude Tour HP varies in terms of how long they are going to work effectively before needing to be replaced. Obviously a great deal of this comes down to how you drive; aggressive drivers will need replacements more often for example. So, what about these HP’s?

On average they have been shown to last in between the 60 – 75,000 miles. We’ve heard from some of getting close to 100K miles out of them. Certainly a lot more than your normal tire, although in some cases they don’t last as long without a noticeable reduction in quality, however this is the kind of limit you should be looking for.


The warranty for the Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires is 6-years and up to 55,000 miles depending on the tire’s speed rating. This is actually a little below what we have found to be the average mileage before they need changed, and you should get at least another 10K miles out of the Latitude Tour HP’s. With so many tires failing to impress with the tread life these days it is refreshing to see a luxury tire that actually lives up to its billing.

Michelin Latitude Tour HP

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