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Nankang FT-7 Review & Rating

Nankang FT-7 Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • On and off road traction
  • Steering response
  • Road noise
  • Tread life
Bottom Line: 3 / 5

Aimed at drivers of pickups and SUV’s, the Nankang FT-7 is one of those tires that would be easy to dismiss as just another low cost discount tire… but is that a big mistake? Marketed as offering all season performance, good grip in a variety of road conditions and handling all types of off road terrain, the FT-7 has quite a comprehensive list of benefits.

So besides having a low price point, how well does tire actually perform? We put them to the test to see if their claims live up to reality by checking them against our usual set of criteria.


Nankang FT-7 tires feature slanted tread blocks that are designed to increase hydroplane resistance and evacuate more water as well as mud which should give it better wet traction.

We certainly noticed that this was the case and they are a good tire to use in wet conditions. Indeed, they are even better on dry pavement. We never had any control issues on either dry or wet road surfaces.

Nankang FT 7

Another area that you’ll find good traction is on dirt, gravel, sand and light mud. We’ve heard other drivers mention that the tires are more puncture resistant than many other models in this class when it comes to driving on gravel roads.

Cornering – Steering

With an an all-season tread compound and larger outside shoulder blocks, the FT7 delivers a very stable ride. We found the steering to responsive and generally just a joy to drive with. This has been further enhanced by a widened tread footprint in addition to shoulder grooves which ultimately help with overall performance.

Nankang FT 7Cornering is good as well and we tested the tires under many different aggressive driving techniques to get a better idea of how they should perform. Needless to say they did well enough for us to be satisfied with them.

Winter Handling

Like a lot of tires in this category, the Nankang FT-7 is meant to be all-season all-condition, however what you often find is that as soon as they come into contact with snow then their flaws are exposed.

In all honesty they actually performed very well and took us a bit by surprise. OK, they might not be the best snow tires on the market and specific winter ones blow them out of the water, but for a few inches of snow they should be fine for most people.

Nankang FT 7

Ride Comfort – Road Noise

The Nankang FT-7 tires offer a fairly quiet ride. The variable pitch tread blocks and Nankang’s noise prevention bar are both present on the FT-7’s so they manage to keep the decibels low for the most part. They also give a pretty comfortable ride overall. No, they are not going to provide Michelin like comfort, but they aren’t uncomfortable either so the tires get plus points here.

Tread Life

Nankang FT 7Tread life on the FT-7 is about average among tires in this class. They are OK without being brilliant and you can expect to get around 40,000 miles from the tread, which is not bad for a budget minded tire.



The FT-7’s have a limited tread warranty that includes a 5-year guarantee on materials and workmanship.

While the Nankang FT-7 tires aren’t the best on the market, for a lower cost tire you can’t really go wrong. You won’t find a lot of negatives from other drivers on this model, and value for the performance makes them a good option.

Nankang FT 7

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