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Nankang SP-7 Performance X/P Review & Rating

Nankang SP-7 Performance X/P Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • Dry and wet traction
  • Cornering grip and stability
  • Ride comfort
  • Winter handling
Bottom Line: 3.5 / 5

The Nankang SP-7 Performance X/P is designed and targeted at drivers of SUV’s, crossovers and light sport pickups that place an emphasis on superior performance without the added price tag. The tires provide several nice features that should theoretically help with their drivability and deliver good, all-around performance. We put these to the test using our standard criteria and testing categories.


One of the better features on this tire are the angled tread blocks and multiple sipes around the tread that are supposed to aid in wet handling and traction. They actually work really well and we noticed that driving in wet conditions was not an issue with these tires on.

Dry traction is more than adequate on the SP-7 Performance X/P as well. Braking and acceleration is comparable to models costing much more.

Nankang SP 7 Performance XP

Cornering – Steering

One of the areas where we felt that they were superior to a lot of other tires. They feature a symmetrical tread design that also includes a special dry zone and a wider contact patch that made a noticeable different when cornering. Even with aggressive cornering they worked really well and the steering was firm without being problematic.

This applied to dry road surfaces and even though normal driving on wet surfaces is great, we felt slightly let down by the cornering on wet surfaces – although it isn’t a big issue in the grand scheme of things.

Winter Handling

Nankang SP 7 Performance XPWhile the Nankang SP-7 Performance X/P tires aren’t specifically designed to be used in snow, nor do they market themselves as being a winter tire, we thought we would give them a test anyway to see how they do. Sometimes you can be quite surprised with the results.

Dry and wet handling and traction on these tires is good and this extends to light snowy conditions. We wouldn’t really recommended you use the tires in the snow all the time however they are decent for light amounts until you can put on a winter specific set. They don’t handle or grip like a winter tire but then again, they aren’t supposed to.

Ride Comfort – Road Noise

Comfort wise the SP-7 may surprise you. Most budget tires, even if they are marketed as being high performance, normally fall down when it comes to a comfortable ride, however, this model does very well. They absorb shocks well and do not leave you feeling like you need to schedule an appointment with the chiropractor. Road noise is minimal and we feel they fare better in this area than Continental’s CrossContact UHP’s, which they are often compared to.

Tread Life

Nankang SP 7 Performance XPOne of the big problems with budget tires is that their tread life is often very poor. So, how do the Nankang SP-7 Performance X/P tires perform here? Like all tires there are some bad reports about the tread life, but overall they seem to hold up quite well given their price. While it is unrealistic to expect to travel 40 – 50,000 miles without any significant wear, they should hold up well for the most part depending on driving habits of course.


This Nankang model does not come with a mileage warranty, however, tire uniformity and materials and workmanship are covered.

Overall we really like the Nankang SP-7 Performance X/P tires. They are at the budget end of the scale so they are very affordable, and they have some quality features as well. Perhaps not the best all round tires you can buy when you compare them to Michelin, Bridgestone and some other big name brands, but certainly they are up there.

Nankang SP 7 Performance XP

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