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Nitto NT 420S Review & Rating

Nitto NT 420S Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • Dry and wet traction
  • Quick steering response
  • Cornering and stability
  • Winter handling
Bottom Line: 4 / 5

Made to be used in all weather conditions, Nitto NT 420S tires market themselves as providing confident and steady performance for drivers of SUV’s and sport trucks. The non-directional, asymmetrical pattern on the tires is there to provide great grip and traction in either wet or dry conditions and they can also be cross-rotated to spread the wear evenly throughout the tire.

The tires are not the cheapest on the market and their technology and design are those of high quality luxury tires, however, how do they actually stack up when put to the test?


The NT 420S is supposed to work well on both wet and dry roads. The inner shoulder is designed to channel away water which leads to increased traction and grip in rainy conditions, while the outer shoulder has large, continuous blocks which aide significantly in dry conditions.

When tested we found that both of these assertions were correct. It is difficult to pick out a fault with the 420S in regards to traction. They grip really well on both road types.

Nitto NT 420S

Cornering – Steering

On SUV’s and trucks, the handling and steering on this tire is one of the best around. If we had to choose a high quality tire to use then these would probably be our choice. The steering is quick, confident and responsive. You have a feeling of being in complete control at all times.

Cornering is great as well and we have yet to come across anyone who has a bad word to say about street cornering with the 420S. The swoosh-groove tread design also provides firm steering on west surfaces and it is difficult not to enjoy yourself on this tire behind the wheel.

Winter Handling

Nitto NT 420SWhile the Nitto 420S performed really well on dry and wet conditions, snow and icy roads are a different ball game altogether.

Most tires lose points when driving on snow, however this model can hold its own in light snow. A heavy snowfall or a bit of ice is a different story though. That’s where dedicated winter tires come into play.

Ride Comfort – Road Noise

There is barely any noise associated with these tires and the ride itself was comfortable when we tested them. Performance tires often suffer from excessive noise, however this isn’t something that we found.

Tread Life

Nitto NT 420SThe most important aspect of a tire for most people is how long the tread will last. What we found was that the even wear that is spread out over the tire helps immensely in extending its tread life. Many drivers have admitted that they can get around 50 – 60,000 miles out of the tires depending on driving habits.

The silica-reinforced tread compound that is present on the 420S not only helps with rigidity, but also extends their life. There have been some reports of excessive wear and cupping somewhere between the 15 – 20k mark, however, given the overwhelmingly positive reviews it seems as though these are isolated incidents as opposed to the norm for these tires.


There is not a specific mileage warranty, but they do come with workmanship and material coverage for a period of 5 years. There is also a free replacement for the first 25% of tread depth.

As a luxury high-performance tire, the Nitto NT 420S is one of the better performers on the market at the minute.

Nitto NT 420S

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