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Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Review & Rating

Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • All-season traction
  • Steering response and tire stability
  • Ride comfort
  • Heavy snow and ice
Bottom Line: 4 / 5

If you keep an eye on all-season tires then it is highly likely that you have already heard about the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Standard Touring All-Season tire. This tire’s all season claims mean that it should be capable of providing excellent traction and show durability, regardless of what conditions it is used in.

Our agenda in testing this tire was to figure out whether its capabilities meet its claims, and we were not disappointed. The Pirelli P4 comes in 27 different sizes, which means that it is suitable for all types of vehicles ranging from sedans, coupes and minivans to small SUVs and crossover vehicles.


Any half decent all season tire needs to be able to perform in both dry and wet conditions with most such tires suffering in the latter type of conditions. However, we did not find this to be true for the Pirelli P4 which performed exceptionally well in both dry and wet conditions. In wet conditions, this tire benefits from its central longitudinal tread grooves and computer-designed sipes, which expel water and add more grip on wet roads.

The tread of this tire is built with a silica based compound for two reasons. The first is that this compound improves the tires ability to perform in all types of weather conditions and the second is that this compound facilitates the lowering of rolling resistance. Lower rolling resistance of course, leads to better fuel economy.

Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Tire Review

Cornering – Steering

Cornering and steering tends to be a major concern for most all season tire buyers because achieving handling levels that are balanced and good in all weather conditions can be difficult. Fortunately, the P4 escaped this common trend of all-season tires and delivered exceptional handling when we tested it. The reason why this tire stuck to the road even in adverse cornering situations was, in our opinion, its variable angle tread grooves and a continuous center rib, both of which improved handling and steering response greatly.

Winter Handling

Pirelli P4 Four Season TiresIt is common knowledge that most all-season tires do not fare well in hardcore winter conditions. In conditions where there is a heavy layer of snow on the road, then the only type of tire that can perform satisfactorily are devoted winter or snow tires. That said, in less severe winter conditions the P4 performed as well as all its competitors and better than most.

Ride Comfort – Road Noise

In addition to the tremendous performance of the Pirelli P4 in virtually all weather conditions, there is also the fact that we never felt uncomfortable with these tires under us. We did not only experience a smooth and relaxed ride in city conditions, but were also not treated harshly when we drove over bumps and small potholes.

Outside road noise is not a big issue for this tire as well. Pirelli prides themselves on ride quality and they’ve done a nice job with this model. We believe this is due in part to the computer aided tread design that maximizes ride comfort.

Tread Life

Pirelli P4 Tread PatternThe Pirelli P4 comes with a UTQG rating of 760 which means that these tires should last for a while. We would expect 70,000+ miles out of them. Pirelli has worked on making these tires as durable as possible with the tread compound and the reinforced shoulders. The result is a longer lasting tread.


Pirelli covers the treadlife for 85,000 miles on T-speed rated tires and 65,000 miles on H-speed rated models.

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