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Prodigy H/T Review & Rating

Prodigy H/T Review & Rating Rating

Product Overview

  • Year round traction
  • Crisp steering response
  • Tread life
  • Winter performance
Bottom Line: 4 / 5

Built by Yokohama, the Prodigy H/T tire is designed for use on all types of SUVs and light duty pickups.

Built to provide dependable all-season performance, a smooth and quiet ride, as well as a longer treadlife, the Prodigy H/T is also value priced to fit even the most budget-strapped drivers.


Traction on dry pavement for the H/T is as good as models costing much higher. The tread design is an all-season design and features jointless nylon cap covers, which help to provide a smooth, stable connection between the tires and the road. This design also adds to the overall handling on dry road surfaces.

Prodigy H T

Added circumferential grooves, lateral grooves and siping around the tread increase stability and traction on wet roads. With unique grooves, these tires help to get rid of water from beneath the tread, which leads to better traction and a greater resistance to hydroplaning.

Cornering – Steering

Prodigy H TCornering grip and stability is about what you would expect on this model. It’s more than adequate for everyday needs, but don’t expect high-performance track like handling either. The tire’s larger shoulder blocks add to the grip.

Winter Handling

Winter handling is not a strong point on the H/T, yet it is not a huge disappointment either. Again, it was about what we expected from an all-season highway tire. It does well in light snow conditions, but deep snow and ice is problematic. Our suggestion would be to install a set of winter tires if you live in a severe cold climate.

Ride Comfort – Road Noise

The Prodigy H/T tire is designed with variable pitch tread elements, which virtually eliminate road noise completely and deliver a smooth, quieter ride. Harmonic noise is also reduced, further increasing comfort The tread design and casing help give this model added ride comfort, something that we have heard as a positive from many drivers.

Tread Life

Prodigy H TWith a UTQG tread rating of 500, you can expect to see a longer lasting treadlife. Tread life is important and this is another area that makes these tire a solid choice for the budget conscious consumer who does not want to compromise quality.


A 60,000 mile tread warranty is included with the H/T, which is backed by Yokohama. For a low cost tire it’s one of the best we’ve seen.

All in all the Prodigy HT is one of the best value truck and SUV tires sold today.

Prodigy H T

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